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Central Peninsula Garden Club
elcome to the Central Peninsula Garden Club. Our gardens are in the Kasilof, Kenai, Nikiski, Soldotna, and Sterling areas of the Kenai peninsula, Alaska. The Central Peninsula Garden Club's purpose is to educate and exchange reliable information about gardening and it's related activities.

Our facebook group is now live! Please check out this new forum to discuss ideas, ask those burning questions, and get feedback from your fellow members! The group is open to all, even if you are not currently a garden club member."

Here's the link:

The Club face book page gets busier every week.  It’s so impressive to read and see pictures from various group members.  Plant problem questions are asked and answered all the time; great tomato pictures are showing up this week and so on.  Take a look and hop on.



Jan. 13th - 6:50pm -Reminder of our very brief Annual Meeting just prior to the 7pm monthly program to approve the 2015 budget and elect your Board of Directors for the coming year.  

The 2015 CPGC Budget has been sent to the membership for review and approval on the 13th.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION - 3 year terms, 2015 through 2017

Four openings to be elected by the membership. 
Four candidates presented by the nominating committee:

Della Bridenburg –CPGC volunteer
Lee Bowman –incumbent
Renae Wall –incumbent
Velma Bittick –incumbent

Jan. 13th, 7pm Program

Central Peninsula Garden Club - "Agriculture to Art" - 
by Lee Coray-Ludden, President of the AK Natural Fiber Business
 Lee and others in the local fiber group, have raised awareness of growing various fiber producing animals, fiber products, and the unique processes involved. She will enlighten us about the local group’s diversity, the role growing animal feed of all kinds plays in the quality of the fiber and their many activities. She will also bring fiber examples including one of her little goat kids.

Lee tells us,  “The Alaska Natural Fiber Business Association has a focus on ‘Agriculture to Art,’ producing fiber as well as producing a finished, marketable products.  She said, “Our diverse membership includes fiber producers, gardeners, hay producers, fiber artists and crafts persons; Many of our members are gardeners, raise chickens, produce food for themselves and their livestock. 

Learn more about gardening and the fiber producing process.

When: Tuesday, Jan 13th  
Time: 7pm - and brief Annual Meeting - 6:50pm- to approve the 2015 budget and elect board members.
Location: Cook Inlet Aquaculture Bldg. Mi 16.5 K-Beach Rd.        
Refreshments and most of the time, door prizes.  

For more information, call Marion Nelson, 283 4632.

Heidi Chay sends this out to our local gardeners and farmers.  It's appropriate as we head into longer days:
You can put your flower, fruit or vegetable business on a stronger economic foundation by understanding and implementing good financial management strategies in 2015.

Register now for a free RightRisk workshop, "Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables: Profitable Opportunities in Alaska."  
Click Here For Brochure

Topics include understanding and managing risk, decision-making for profit, and understanding farm taxes.

Trainers: Jeff Tranel and John Hewlett of RightRisk, University of Colorado
Homer: Jan. 26, 9 am - noon, Homer Public Library
Kenai: Jan. 26, 6 - 9 pm, Kenai Community Library
Palmer: Jan. 27, 6 - 9 pm, Mat-Su College
To register for Homer or Kenai sessions, email Heidi Chay, kenaiswcd@gmail.com.
To register for Palmer session, email Jeff Smeenk, jeff.smeenk@gmail.com.
Sponsors: RightRisk (erightrisk.com), USDA Risk Management Agency, Kenai Soil & Water Conservation District, Palmer Soil & Water Conservation District

Thanks again to our newsletter layout volunteers, Becky Holloway and Pam Voeller.  They take turns, generally 3-4 months each doing the layouts.  I gather the info, think up articles, get pictures and ad layouts; Treasurer Peggy Morris, sends in the monthly report; this month, Cathy Haas, Plant Sale chair, wrote a wrap up of the Plant Sale.  All this info and the various pictures from club members like Bob Malvin and Lee Bowman and of course Will’s Ramblings are then emailed to Becky or Pam to put together in their soft ware program, add the graphics and make it look good.  One or two proofs and here you are, your monthly newsletter.

I know there are Garden Club members with writing skills, layout skills, photography talents, newsletter experience and more and your help is truly needed to form a Newsletter Committee of 3-4-5-6 people.  Please give a call to make the newsletter even better and share the wealth.    

CPGC meets the second Tuesdays of September through May with occasional bonus meetings.
Our meetings are usually held at 7:00 pm at the Cook Inlet Aquaculture building located on Kalifornsky Beach Road. Our summer months of June, July, and August are packed with gardening activities, workshops, and tours. You are welcome to join us.

Gardening on the Kenai Peninsula is incredibly unique with a short growing season, long days, mild temperatures and a diversity of soil types and micro climates.  Snowfall fluctuates depending on location and year. Our goal is to overcome the challenges of gardening in an area with such diverse conditions and take advantage of the amazing gardening opportunities that Alaska provides. Come join us for some fun, education, and networking as we tour local gardens, arrange gardening workshops, and plan the next plant sale.

 Plant Sale

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